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FAQs - Animal-Free Supplement Kits

1. What is chemically defined Serum-Free media? 
Chemically defined media include only components of known molecular structures and concentrations. 

2. What are the advantages of using chemically defined Serum-Free media? 
The advantages include: lot-to-lot consistency and reproducible cell growth; greater protein yield (for protein production applications) vs. using serum, consistent media performance, lowered risk of contamination with viral and other adventitious infectious agents, reduced downstream purification challenges (for protein production applications), elimination for the need to prescreen serum lots, and simplification of any regulatory or other documentation requirements. 

3. Can you provide the certifications for these animal-free components? 
Yes, please contact Technical Support. 

4. Are PeproTech’s Serum-Free Cell Culture media supplement kits protein-free? 
Yes, PeproTech’s Serum-Free Cell Culture media kits are protein-free, as well as animal-free. 

5. Where can I find formulations for these kits? 
Formulations for these kits are proprietary to PeproTech, Inc. 

6. Can I use DMEM instead of DMEM/F12? 
DMEM/F12 medium is the mixture of half DMEM and half F12 medium, therefore DMEM/F12 has much more nutrition than DMEM alone.   PeproTech has not tested DMEM at this time. Therefore, it is recommended that DMEM/F12 is used with PeproTech supplements.