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Monoclonal antibodies are produced by cells expanded from a single parent cell, resulting in the production of a homogenous antibody preparation. These single-parent cells are derived from hybrid antibody-expressing cells (Hybridomas), typically made by fusing myeloma cells with spleen cells from a host which has been immunized with the target antigen. The resulting hybridomas are screened for their specificity to the target protein and consistently produce the same high quality antibodies. PeproTech’s monoclonal antibodies are raised against full-length recombinant antigens and have been thoroughly screened for performance in a variety of applications.
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NewProduct Name Catalog Number SizePrice
Anti-Human Adiponectin500-M126A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human BAFF500-M64A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human BMP-4500-M121A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human BMP-7500-M123A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human Eotaxin500-M25A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human Eotaxin-2500-M31A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human Eotaxin-3500-M32A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human FGF-basic500-M38A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human FGF-5500-M40A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human G-CSF500-M37A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human IFN-γ500-M90A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human IL-1β500-M01BA500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human IL-2500-M02A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Murine IL-2500-M127A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Rat IL-2500-M129A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human sIL-2Rα500-M02RA500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human IL-3500-M03A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human IL-4500-M04A500µg150.00 USD
Anti-Human IL-6500-M06A500µg150.00 USD