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Anti-Mouse CD16 / CD32 Purified (Clone#: 2.4G2)

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Catalogue Number: 08212-20
The 2.4G2 monoclonal antibody specifically reacts with an epitope on the extracellular domain of the mouse CD16 (Fc γ III) and CD 32 (Fc γ II). CD16 and CD32 are low affinity receptors for the IgG Fc domain and are expressed by B lymphocytes, NK cells, kupffer cells, mast cells, monocytes, macrophages, granulocytes, immature thymocytes, neutrophils, and some activated mature T cells.The 2.4G2 antibody blocks the binding of immunoglobulins to CD16 and CD32, and possibly to Fc γ I receptor.

Source: Isotype: Rat IgG2b; Clone#: 2.4G2


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Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.

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