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Recombinant Human SDF-1α (CXCL12)

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Catalog Number: 300-28A

SDF-1α and β are stromal-derived, CXC chemokines that signal through the CXCR4 receptor. SDF-1α and β chemoattract B and T cells, and have been shown to induce migration of CD34+ stem cells. Additionally, the SDF-1 proteins exert HIV-suppressive activity in cells expressing the CXCR4 receptor. Human and murine SDF-1 proteins act across species. SDF-1α and β contain the four highly conserved cysteine residues present in CXC chemokines. The mature SDF-1α protein is the result of alternative splicing of the SDF-1 gene and contains 68 amino acid residues. Recombinant Human SDF-1α is an 8.0 kDa protein containing 68 amino acid residues.

Source: E.coli

Synonyms: Stromal-Cell Derived Factor-1, CXCL12, PBSF


Purity: ≥ 98% by SDS-PAGE gel and HPLC analyses.

Biological Activity: Determined by its ability to chemoattract human peripheral T cells activated with PHA and IL-2 using a concentation of 20-80 ng/ml.

Calculated Molecular Weight: 8 kDa

Accession Number: P48061

Gene ID: 6387

Cross Reactivity Cited in References:
Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.

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Migration assay
We have been using this chemokine to test the ability of our cells to migrate and we always get really good results when working with PBMCs. Highly recommended.
From:  Jhomary | Date:  8/26/2020