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Product with great consistency
We have been using this cytokine for splenic NK cells in numerous publications for the past 5 years. Great consistency!
De:  Jin | Fecha:  21/07/2020
Works Like Magic
Have been using this cytokine for past 1year and has worked everytime. Very helpful for stimulating and expanding T cell population. Does a great job while performing in-vivo T cell transfer experiments.
De:  Vineet | Fecha:  10/08/2020
Consistently great cytokine to keep mouse T cells happy
We routinely use this pro-survival homeostasis cytokine to generate mouse memory CD8+ T cells. The pricing and consistency of this cytokine can't be beat, and we have been using it for almost 20 years. All of our cytokines using in our lab are from peprotech.
De:  Chirag | Fecha:  31/08/2020
Works very well to generate CD8 memory T cells
We have been using this cytokine for the last 5 years to generate CD8 memory T cells. It consistently provided very good differentiation profile in terms of surface marker expression, cytokine production and metabolic features.
De:  mauro | Fecha:  19/08/2021