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Anti-Mouse CD90 (Thy-1) SAFIRE Purified (Clone#: G7)

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Catalogue Number: 03032-25
The G7 monoclonal antibody specifically reacts with mouse CD90, also known as thymus cell antigen-1 (Thy-1). CD90 is a 25-35 kDA GPI-anchored protein is the smallest member of the Ig superfamily. CD90 is expressed on thymocytes, neurons, hematopoietic stem cells, and T cells. It plays a role in T cell signal transduction and adhesion. The G7 antibody is reported to stimulate IL-2 secretion and T cell proliferation.

Source: Isotype: Rat IgG2c, kappa; Clone#: G7


Product supplied by Biogems

SAFIRE (Sodium Azide Free Immensely Reduced Endotoxin) products are BioGems’ line of functional antibodies that can be used for activation, blocking, and neutralization studies. They are manufactured carrier and sodium azide free, with immensely reduced endotoxin levels of 0.01 EU/ug or lower for in vivo and in vitro applications.

Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.

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