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Anti-Mouse CD80 (B7-1) Purified (Clone#: 16-10A1)

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Catalogue Number: 02912-20
The 16-10A1 antibody reacts with mouse CD80, also known as B7-1, a 55 kDa type I transmembrane protein ligand for CD152 (CTLA-4) and for CD28, a co-stimulatory receptor for the T cell receptor (TCR). CD28 also binds a second B7 ligand known as CD86 (B7-2). Both CD80 and CD86 are expressed on activated B cells and antigen-presenting cells. These ligands trigger CD28 signaling in concert with TCR activation to drive T cell proliferation, induce high-level expression of IL-2, impart resistance to apoptosis, and enhance T cell cytotoxicity. The interaction / co-stimulatory signaling between the B7 ligands and CD28 or CTLA-4 provides crucial communication between T cells and B cells or APCs to coordinate the adaptive immune response.

Source: Isotype: Armenian Hamster IgG; Clone#: 16-10A1


Product supplied by Biogems

Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.

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