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Human Epiregulin Pre-Coated ELISA Kit

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Catalogue Number: BGK14944

Epiregulin is an EGF-related growth factor that binds specifically to EGFR (ErbB1) and ErbB4, but not ErbB2 or ErbB3. It is expressed mainly in the placenta and peripheral blood leukocytes, as well as in certain carcinomas of the bladder, lung, kidney and colon. Epiregulin stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes, hepatocytes, fibroblasts and vascular smooth muscle cells. It also inhibits the growth of several tumor-derived epithelial cell lines. The BioGems Human Epiregulin Pre-Coated ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) kit is a solid phase immunoassay specially designed to measure Epiregulin with a 96-well strip plate that is pre-coated with mouse monoclonal antibody specific for Epiregulin. It contains E.coli-expressed recombinant Epiregulin. The detection antibody is a biotinylated goat polyclonal antibody specific for Epiregulin. The kit is analytically validated with ready to use reagents.

Sandwich ELISA:

Assay Type:
Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA: 96-Well Strip Plate
<10 pg/ml 
Natural and recombinant Human Epiregulin
No detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins


Product supplied by Biogems

Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.