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PeproGMP® Recombinant Human EGF

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Catalogue Number: GMP100-15

EGF is a potent growth factor that stimulates the proliferation of various epidermal and epithelial cells.  Additionally, EGF has been shown to inhibit gastric secretion, and to be involved in wound healing.  EGF signals through a receptor known as c-erbB, which is a class I tyrosine kinase receptor.  This receptor also binds with TGF-α and VGF (vaccinia virus growth factor).

Additional product information and specifications are provided on the Certificate of Analysis.

Note: All of PeproTech's GMP products are manufactured using animal-derived component free materials.

Source: E.coli

Synonyms: Epidermal Growth Factor, Urogastrone, URG


Purity: ≥ 98% by SDS-PAGE gel and HPLC analyses.

Accession Number: P01133

Gene ID: 1950

Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.

Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.


Existing reviews
Supplement for Organoid media
We use this product as a supplement to help our prostate organoids from human epithelial tissue grow. It is one of the important supplements that helps the 3D structures to grow and differentiate into different cell types of the prostate. Quick delivery by Peprotech is also very helpful.
From:  Tejasveeta | Date:  27/08/2020
PeproGMP for clinical trials
We use PeproGMP EGF for ATMP production in clinical trials. Major advantages are good lot-to-lot consistency, a comprehensive CoA for GMP purposes and good product performance.
From:  Daniela | Date:  28/01/2021