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FAQs - Antibodies

1. Does PeproTech test for endotoxin in their antibodies? 
PeproTech does test their antibodies for endotoxin using the kinetic chromogenic LAL method. Please contact our Quality Assurance Department ([email protected]) for more information.

2. Which isotype are PeproTech’s polyclonal antibodies? 
The polyclonal antibodies that PeproTech manufactures are IgG antibodies.

3. How are your antibodies purified? 
All polyclonal and biotinylated polyclonal antibodies are antigen-affinity purified. Monoclonal antibody purification varies by product; please contact our Quality Assurance Department ([email protected]) for more information. 

4. Can you tell me what epitope your antibody binds to? 
PeproTech does not perform epitope mapping at this time. As a general guideline, a polyclonal mixture of antibodies will bind to multiple epitopes on the protein of interest while each monoclonal antibody will bind to a specific epitope. 

5. Have PeproTech’s antibodies been tested in neutralization assays? 
Neutralization testing is performed on a lot-to-lot basis for each antibody, when available. The results of this testing can be found on the product’s corresponding data sheet. 

6. Are PeproTech’s antibodies suitable for use in ELISA and Western Blot applications? 
PeproTech’s antibodies are suitable for use in ELISA and Western Blot assays; please see our individual ELISA and Western Blot F.A.Q. sections for more information regarding these applications. 

7. What information should be known about the stability of your antibody products? 
PeproTech’s antibodies are lyophilized from PBS. As such, they are stable at room temperature for at least 1 month. For longer periods, we recommend storing the lyophilized products at -20°C to -80°C. 

For reconstituted solutions of the antibodies, we recommend short-term storage at 4°C. For long-term storage the antibody solution should first be aliquoted (to avoid more than one freeze/thaw cycle) and stored frozen at -20°C to -80°C. Frozen aliquots of this antibody solution are stable for at least 6 months when kept at -20°C to -80°C.

8. Do PeproTech’s antibody products contain any carrier proteins or other additives?
No, PeproTech does not formulate its polyclonal, biotinylated polyclonal, or monoclonal antibodies with additives or carrier proteins. 

9. Will PeproTech’s antibodies work in immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry applications? 
All antibodies that have been tested so far have been found to be suitable for these applications. Please contact our Quality Assurance Department ([email protected]) for more information. 

10. Will PeproTech antibodies recognize target proteins sold by other vendors?
PeproTech’s antibody products have high binding affinity towards the natural and/or recombinant versions of the corresponding proteins. However, due to lack of authenticity sometimes found in other vendors’ proteins, we cannot guarantee that our antibodies will perform as well with these proteins. 

11. Will PeproTech’s antibodies recognize target protein in complex biological fluids such as blood or serum? 
Yes. However, for samples that have a high content of interfering agents, the recognition will be less efficient and have a higher background, or reduced signal-to-noise ratio may be seen.