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PeproGrow-1 Serum-Free Cell Culture Supplement Kit

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Catalogue Number: 700-C100

PeproGrow-1 (Catalog # 700-C100) is designed to be used as a supplement to serum-free cell culture media formulations that can sustain the growth of adherent mammalian cell lines, and has been tested with HEK-293, HeLa, and A549 cells. This kit could potentially improve the culturing conditions of other adherent cells, but suitability for cells other than those pre-tested is not guaranteed. PeproGrow-1 is protein-free, has a chemically defined composition, and does not contain any animal-derived materials. It is intended specifically to be used with DMEM/F12 basal media (Invitrogen catalog # 10565*) and contains enough material to supplement 10L of media.
*For customers outside the USA, use Invitrogen Catalog #31331

Note: On December 1, 2022 this product will be discontinued. Gibco™ Chemically Defined Lipid Concentrate (Catalog# 11905031) and Gibco™ BenchStable™ RPMI 1640 (Catalog# A4192301) can be used as a substitution for this product

Serum Replacement Solution and Lipid Mixture Solution

Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.

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First Author
Maisey, K
Isolation and Characterization of Salmonid CD4+ T Cells.
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