Product reviews for Recombinant Murine IL-2

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Product with great consistency
We have been using this cytokine for splenic T cells in numerous publications for the past 10 years. Great consistency!
From:  Jin | Date:  21/07/2020
Reliable product
Our lab has been using Peprotech cytokines for many years because of its quality and reliability. Would highly recommend for assays in which murine T cells, splenocytes, or T cell clones need to be grown and stimulated.
From:  Diane | Date:  26/08/2020
For in vitro NKs expansion
We used this product for in vitro NKs expansion
From:  Aitziber | Date:  26/08/2020
Great consistent mouse recombinant IL-2
We have been using this recombinant mouse IL-2 for almost 20 years now in the lab. Our T cell cultures grow and expand very well with IL-2.
From:  Chirag | Date:  31/08/2020