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Growth Factors & Cytokines

Recombinant Human Resistin

제품 상세

카다로그 번호 450-19
제품 설명

Resistin belongs to a family of tissue-specific cytokines termed FIZZ (found in inflammatory zones) and RELM. The four known members of this family, resistin, RELMα, RELMβ, and RELMγ, share a highly conserved C-terminal domain, characterized by 10 cysteine residues with a unique spacing motif of C-X11-C-X8-C-X-C-X3-C-X10-C-X-C-X-C-X9-C-C. Resistin is an adipose-derived cytokine (adipokine) whose physiological function and molecular targets are largely unknown. Studies have shown that resistin suppresses insulin's ability to stimulate glucose uptake, and postulated that resistin might be an important link between obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Other studies have indicated that resistin expression is severely suppressed in obesity, and that it may act as a feedback regulator of Adipogenesis. Recombinant Human Resistin is a 19.5 kDa, disulfide-linked, homodimeric protein composed of two identical 92 amino acid chains linked by a single disulfide bond.

Source: E.coli

Synonyms: FIZZ3, Adipose tissue-specific secretory factor, ADSF


Purity: ≥ 98% by SDS-PAGE gel and HPLC analyses.

Biological Activity: Determined by its ability to stimulate lipolysis in cultured human adipocytes. (Ort, T. et al. Endocrinology; 46(5):2200-9)

Calculated Molecular Weight: 19.5 kDa

Accession Number: Q9HD89

Gene ID: 56729

crossreactivity: Research Interest

Country Of Origin: USA

Not for human use.