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November 2022

PeproTech Email Address Update

In December 2021, Thermo Fisher Scientific acquired PeproTech. As part of on-going integration, teams within Thermo Fisher are also working diligently to ensure systems and processes are aligned for optimal operation as well. To ensure minimal disruption to our customers, we are proactively notifying you of upcoming changes to PeproTech colleague email address nomenclature.

Effective 15th November, emails coming from your PeproTech partners will now be coming from a email address. This change also includes customer service and technical support general email addresses as well.

Currently PeproTech email addresses are formatted as: first initial last name (i.e. [email protected] for Kevin Smith). After the change, it will be [email protected] (i.e. [email protected] for Brian Jones).

Additionally, for general email boxes, the email nomenclature format will change from [email protected] to [email protected].

Example: [email protected] will now be [email protected].

We would encourage you to update your address book for relevant PeproTech contacts. We are also ensuring continuous service by automatically forwarding all emails received to PeproTech email addresses following 15th November to the corresponding new Thermo Fisher email address. There is currently no plan for discontinuation of the PeproTech email addresses for receiving email correspondence, so rest assured that your emails will continue to be received regardless of the address used.

As always, our top priority is providing the best possible service to our customers, so if there is any issue or question that you may have through this transition, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for support. They can be reached at +44 (0)20 7610 3062 and [email protected].

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey to further supporting your discoveries by expanding our capabilities in serving you. 

August 2022

Introducing: PeproGMP® Recombinant Human BMP-4

We are excited to further support your discoveries with the introduction of the PeproGMP® BMP-4 cytokine. With this addition to the already existing RUO and animal origin-free BMP-4 cytokines, we can better support the transition from lab to clinic.

Consistent with federal requirements and best practices for cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue-engineered products for clinical applications, PeproGMP® Human BMP-4 is manufactured and tested in compliance with relevant US FDA cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations and the ISO 9001 quality management systems standard, without the use of animal-derived materials.

When you purchase PeproGMP® products, you are getting much more than a cytokine product, you are getting a personalized team of experts to support you through your next cell therapy or tissue engineering break-through.

January 2022

PeproTech is now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Our high quality recombinant protein portfolio joins Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science. Together, we provide a more comprehensive offering to our customers to accelerate life science research.