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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

PeproTech believes in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace and wants to encourage diversity and growth throughout the larger scientific community. Diversifying our workforce is already a priority for us, and we are continuously harvesting additional ideas on how PeproTech can become more inclusive, supportive and equal for all of its employees. As we continue to develop this initiative we will highlight some items on this page, so please feel free to check back regularly.

August 26 is Women's Equality Day

PeproTech is proudly committed to women’s equality. Added bonus? We are now part of an organization that embraces these same values. Thermo Fisher Scientific was featured on Forbes' list of America's Best Employers for Women in 2022.

Women of PeproTech

June is Pride Month

PeproTech Vials in Pride Rainbow Colors
PeproTech Pride Ampersand

At PeproTech, we strive for inclusivity at all levels. We are excited to use our ampersand emblem again this year as it clearly and succinctly conveys the spirit of inclusion. We have adopted this small squiggly symbol from your keyboard because whatever word follows the ampersand... is included.

PeproTech & Pride

PeproTech & You

Pride Month celebrations are not limited to the United States. Celebrations happen worldwide and countries observe Pride Month in their own unique ways and at different times throughout the year.

Join us in celebrating Pride Month this June and every month!

May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

During May, we celebrate the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders whose rich heritage has shaped the history of the United States. We are proud to feature some of the historical and cultural contributions of individuals of Asian and Pacific Islander descent to the United States. 

Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal Dr. Kalpana Chawla Dr. Min Chueh Chang

Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal
(Chinese American)

First to clone HIV

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Dr. Kalpana Chawla
(Indian American)

First Indian American woman to go to space.

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Dr. Min Chueh Chang
(Chinese American)

Co-invented the combined oral contraceptive pill and was the pioneer behind in vitro fertilization.

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March is Women's History Month

There are so many women who have inspired us with their words, and their actions. The PeproTech team is pleased to share some of our favorite quotes from these noteworthy females. 

Women's History Month Quotes

February is Black History Month

We asked the PeproTech community to share a Black leader who has inspired them. We are honored to highlight these leaders and the impact they have made on our team and society. 

Dr. Charles Drew Dr. Kizzmekia Corbet Maya Angelou

Dr. Charles Drew

“I chose Dr. Charles Drew because he revolutionized the field of blood donations which has saved countless lives. What I admire most about Dr. Drew was his conviction in standing behind his ideology.”
-Chrissy Brzyski

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Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett

“The thoughtfulness, intelligence and creativity of this young female scientist in helping lead the development of the COVID vaccine resonates with me.” -David Brzyski

Read more

Maya Angelou

“She has impacted society with her powerful words, educating generations of students to have compassion and to resist oppression.” -Karen Park

Read more

Lizzo Stacey Abrams Ruby Bridges


“Lizzo gives me hope for a future where we can love ourselves and those around us unconditionally.”
-Olivia Salazar

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Stacey Abrams

“Her efforts for equal voting rights encourages me that there is still potential for positive change in America.” -Genevieve Soares

Read more

Ruby Bridges

“I am thankful for the work of a brave 6-year-old girl, and her work today as an adult.” -Jessica Lorimor

Read more

February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Today we are celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science! We are committed to supporting women in science and empowering future generations to follow their passions and spark girls’ interest in science. We are proud to be supporting our Diversity Scholarship Recipient Lela, a future Biomedical Engineer set on helping change the world through scientific advancements.


January is National Mentoring Month in the United States!

Join us in recognizing three standout mentors from the 2021 Inaugural Cohort of the PeproTech Workplace Mentoring Program.

Susanna coordinated monthly meetings with her mentee in spite of the five-hour time difference! Her mentee says she is lovely to chat with and helps brainstorm strategies to overcome challenges. Susanna presented an engaging workshop on Negotiation in Sales and volunteered to help with training new participants of the 2022 Cohort!

Nicole took on two mentees, despite already having a jam-packed work and personal life! Her mentees say she is very organized and came to each meeting prepared to share her PeproTech knowledge and answer questions. She met with both of her mentees individually for twelve months and is continuing with one of her mentees for another year.

Ben had to juggle distant time zones to meet with his mentee, but he did so without complaint! His mentee says that Ben helps her work towards her goals and teach her more about the science behind our products. Ben presented the very first mentor workshop of the program on Sales Processes, during which he shared his talent for pottery!

PeproTech Diversity Scholarship

Announcing Our 2021/2022 Recipients

That's right, recipients!

Late last year, PeproTech launched a new scholarship program as another way to show our commitment to a more equitable and inclusive future in the Life Sciences. Our intent was to award one scholarship to a self-identified minority college student who demonstrated great passion and potential in the Sciences.

We were so excited by the outstanding response to our first Scholarship. Nearly 400 self-identified minority students from across the US applied.

After a rigorous evaluation period, two applicants moved us separately and uniquely based on their drive, achievements, hardships, and dedication that we decided to award not one, but TWO scholarships.

Our Two Impressive Recipients Are:

Lela Ellerbe

a Junior from Georgia Tech, in Atlanta

Jonathan Jonassaint

a Senior from LaSalle University, in Philadelphia

Learn more about these two impressive individuals and see why we are proud to support them on their journey to be future leaders in advancing human health.

November is National Native American and Alaska Native Month

This month PeproTech is reflecting on the important contributions made by Native Americans and Alaska Natives and honoring their vibrant cultures. We strive to educate ourselves about the challenges and disparities that exist for Native Americans and Alaska Natives nationwide because we know that inclusivity and understanding makes us all stronger.

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 - October 15

The 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month theme is “Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope.” Join PeproTech in honoring Hispanic Heritage and reflect on how great our tomorrow can be, when we hold onto resilience and hope.

We strive for inclusivity at every level because we understand that diversity, equity, and inclusion make Science stronger.

August 26th is Women's Equality Day

We celebrate the achievements of women around the world and the incredible women of PeproTech. We are proud of PeproTech’s industry leading representation of females. Their work and initiatives are instrumental in helping us uncover new opportunities for advancing human health.

June is Pride Month

A lot has been accomplished since the 1969 Stonewall uprising, and the LGBTQIA+ community only grows stronger every day. With that said, there's more work to be done.

More compassion. More acceptance. More unity.

At PeproTech, we strive for inclusivity at all levels. We believe it strengthens the life sciences and scientific community, and makes us more able to supply products that benefit humanity.

And that's what we're here for.

Let's make every month Pride Month!

Thank You for Celebrating Pride Month With Us in 2021! 


We are so excited at the resounding success of our 2021 Pride Picnic Cooler campaign. It was our way of thanking our employees and customers for helping our effort to advance human health. Diversity, equity, and inclusion strengthen our company, the life sciences, and the scientific community as a whole. It helps us solve problems and supply products that benefit humanity. Enjoy your cooler at a Pride parade, rally or your own celebration of Pride through the year!


February is Black History Month

PeproTech recognizes Black History Month as a time to honor the significant contributions made by African Americans in the field of science. As part of PeproTech’s ongoing commitment to highlighting equality and diversity, we will feature some impressive scientists along with their achievements over the coming weeks.

Alma Levant Hayden

This week for Black History Month, we shine the light on the work of Alma Levant Hayden. This pioneer is remembered for being one of the first female African American chemists to work at a science agency in Washington, D.C. She went onto become the first person of color to work at the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration. She is best known for leading the scientific case against the inappropriate use of Krebiozen as a cancer preventative. We celebrate her scientific accomplishments and her ability and willingness to forge new paths.

*Image courtesy of Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum


Dr. Marie M. Daly

As part of our Black History Month series, we celebrate Dr. Marie M. Daly, the first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. in Chemistry in the United States. After earning her doctorate in three years at the prestigious Columbia University, Marie went on to research many areas, particularly that of atherosclerosis. Her groundbreaking discovery of the correlation between high cholesterol levels in the blood and high blood pressure has paved the way for many researchers after her. Marie’s work on characterizing histones, which has led to the understanding of cell biology and human DNA is of great note. Marie’s service extended beyond the lab: she taught at Howard University and created a scholarship fund for minority students to study science at Queens College. Dr. Marie M. Daly’s contributions to science and her community are an impressive legacy, benefitting us all.

*Image courtesy of Marie Maynard Daly, 1942 Yearbook, Queens College (New York), Special Collections and Archives


Herman Branson

As we honor Black History Month, we celebrate African American physicist and chemist, Herman Branson. As a pioneer in biophysics, he helped uncover the inner workings of the Alpha Helix, and brought a greater understanding to proteins as the building blocks of DNA. Herman was renowned for his expertise in x-ray analysis and mathematics, and his contributions in Linus Pauling’s Lab at the California Institute of Technology, led to Pauling being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Branson’s achievements were not limited to the lab: he held several leadership positions during his lifetime, including Chairman of the Physics Department at Howard University for 27 years. We celebrate and honor Dr. Branson, not only as a pivotal figure in protein biology, but also as a powerful advocate for educational equity. His actions led to millions of dollars of federal aid being allocated to historically black colleges and universities.



February 11th is International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Thank you to women across the globe who work hard every day to advance scientific discovery and human health. To inspire, empower and support others, we would like to introduce you to some of the strong women at PeproTech who impact the company that we are today.


Genevieve is proud to be a woman in science. She credits the trail blazing women who came before her, and who showed the world that women are equally capable of the ingenuity, creativity, dedication, and focus required to be a successful scientistShe feels fortunate to work in an environment where she is surrounded by strong, intelligent women in senior staff and managing scientist roles. She is excited that her young daughter wants to be a scientist too. Genevieve knows that it is important to show growing girls that women can have both a family and a career that they value. She shows us what it is to live as both a career woman and a mother, without judgement on either side. Genevieve’s work for PeproTech has been both impactful and long-lasting: she spearheaded the tissue-culture purification lab, which now yields 100+ proteins in our catalog. She recognizes that the founders of PeproTech trusted in her ability to initiate and develop a new product line. Her colleagues are grateful to follow her lead and stand beside her at the bench.    

“At PeproTech, I have never felt like a woman in science, but simply a scientist."


As our US Customer Service Assistant Manager, Jenifer combines her bright personality with her powerful communication skills, to make meaningful connections with our customers. She is proud to be a part of, and provide support to, the scientific community making significant progress and discoveries across the globe. She values her role in providing the link between the products being ordered, and the research that is advancing scientific discovery and human health. Jenifer encourages women, that are new to the sciences, to trust their gut, always practice empathy, and keep moving forward.    

“It’s empowering to have your ideas heard, shared and implemented."


Maritza is our Customer Service and Office Manager in California. Her lively personality, along with her powerful communication skills, make her an ideal team leader. She motivates her co-workers and enjoys seeing them flourish within the company. She feels a sense of pride knowing that the orders that she and her team process are contributing to advances in human health and scientific research. Maritza is excited to be part of the ongoing positive evolution for women in science, and encourages women to keep striving for greatness.     

“No one limits our ambition."


Teib joined our team 16 years ago when we launched our French office. Since those early days she has grown and developed her skills. She now flourishes in her role as the Manager of PeproTech France. She adapts and pivots to meet the ever changing demands of the market and our clients. Teib is committed, loyal and passionate about the industry, its scientific developments and the advancement of human health. She places a high value on the meaningful interactions she shares with customers in the field and colleagues across the globe. Teib is proud to work in a field that welcomes women and honors their achievements.    

“The world is changing; take your place and assert yourself!"


Dorothy is the Manager of our PeproTech office in South Korea. She started with us 15 years ago working in Sales and Marketing. Her dedication to science, and to PeproTech’s motto of “Our Support, Your Discovery” has provided her the growth and commitment to ascend to her current leadership of the team of seven employees in our Korean office. Dorothy strives to pursue equality in science and she enjoys working alongside her team that share the same goals and vision. She takes pride in the strong work environment of collaboration at PeproTech. Dorothy has been an important member of the PeproTech family for many years and we are privileged to have her, with her dedication and commitment, pushing us all forward.     

“Science has power beyond country, gender, and status."


From an early age, Lucy had an interest in discovering how things work, so her choice to build a career in science is no surprise to those that know her. Her passion for learning motivates her to overcome the obstacles she encounters, and her curiosity and unwavering determination allow Lucy to succeed as PeproTech’s Lead Media Scientist. She has been an integral part of setting up our new Media Lab and continues to oversee it today. She finds fulfillment in being a part of a team that values her for her accomplishments and character, and her colleagues take much pleasure in standing beside her.    

“Don’t be afraid to be heard... You have a voice, and it’s powerful, so make sure you use it.”


As an integral part of our Quality Assurance and Technical Support Departments, Nicole leverages her expertise to ensure that our clients receive the resources necessary for making positive progress in their research and larger advancements for human health. She takes much pride in knowing that by working behind the scenes, she contributes to their success and to that of the PeproTech community. We applaud her high level of engagement and appreciate her joyful spirit. The community benefits from her willingness to engage in difficult work, as well as her dedication to the science community.    

Stand on the shoulders of those that have come before you and keep pushing forward, knowing that you are strong, and that what you have to contribute is important!


Rose Ann is one of the newer scientists on the PeproTech team and she is excited to work on projects that expand her knowledge and capabilities. Being a Research Scientist has given Rose the opportunity to inspire new generations and exemplify that the field of science is a place for women to flourish. Rose believes in surrounding yourself with excellence and people who push you to be better. She encourages aspiring women in science to aim high and believe that you are going to be able to do what others can do. We are privileged to have Rose, with her confidence and devotion, inspiring others within the Scientific Community.     

“Never be afraid to share your ideas, because your idea could change the world of life sciences."


Jonelle has provided our customers with exceptional products and outstanding service for many years, as our Customer Service Manager in New Jersey. Her role as a Manager has given her the opportunity to work alongside and encourage other women in science, and fosters her belief that everyone has an important role to play. At PeproTech, Jonelle knows that her voice is respected and valued, and she has used it to showcase new ideas and implement positive change in the workplace. Jonelle believes everyone deserves to work for a company that values what you have to offer, but also appreciates and believes in you. We are privileged to have Jonelle, with her poise and her commitment, leading and inspiring others within the PeproTech family.    

“Science is all about experimentation, observation, discovery, development, and understanding the world we live in. The world cannot be understood through one lens. It is made up of different species, genders, races, and cultures and therefore must be observed through a diverse set of lenses. We all play an important role.”


As PeproTech’s dedicated Southwest US Sales Representative, Natasja serves the scientific community with our high-quality products and exceptional customer service. She is proud knowing that she is contributing to all stages of research, from the bench to the clinic. Her colleagues appreciate that she contributes a unique and valuable perspective, and the high level of support that she brings to our clients make her an integral part of our team. While taking pride in her job, Natasja loves being a role model for her two young daughters. Through her position at PeproTech, she shows her girls that they too can follow their dreams and have their voices heard. Natasja encourages women to seize every opportunity, to create their own path, and to making innovative and exciting contributions to science.    

“When women model leadership skills in the scientific field, we set the example for the next generation.
When girls can see it, they can achieve it!”


As a valued member of our global Sales Team, Vania oversees customer accounts in several countries throughout Europe. She takes pride in identifying new opportunities, developing them, and creating meaningful relationships with scientists. She is very passionate about the power of communication and engagement. With her vibrant and lively personality, Vania proudly supports various research projects from start to finish, making her an asset to both the company and the science community. Having a direct connection to the field, Vania is able to encourage aspiring female scientists to believe in themselves, and remind them that what they do matters for science and for society.    

“Aim high, do not underestimate yourself or be afraid to stand out. If you cannot see a path ahead that you want to take, create your own.


Chrissy holds the esteemed position of Protein Group Manager at PeproTech’s Headquarters in Cranbury, NJ. She takes pride in manufacturing new proteins alongside her team and is excited to know that researchers around the world use them to advance human health. Her monster work ethic and collaborative spirit make her an invaluable asset to our community. She credits much of her professional success in the lab to working in an environment that enables women to flourish at the same level as their male counterparts. Chrissy has been an important member of the PeproTech family for many years and we are privileged to see her work supporting scientific discoveries.    

“Follow your dreams, work hard and never give up.”


Hannah has worn many hats during her 19 years with PeproTech, and is currently Manager of our PeproTech Asia office. She is thorough and analytical; her broad and diverse experience makes her an invaluable asset to her co-workers and clients. She believes that every contribution made, is significant to the advancement of understanding,
discoveries and solutions. We are proud of her achievements and the standards to which she holds herself. Hannah is a core and respected member of the PeproTech family: her dedication and commitment has led to her success and we look forward to seeing what her future holds.  

“Be diligent, be honest, be thorough, and believe in your convictions.”


In 20+ years at PeproTech, Kristy has proudly supported the life science community by shipping our quality products around the globe. Kristy has grown with the company and is glad to work for an organization that both challenges and supports her in the work place. Her can-do spirit, along with her ability to meet the needs of our clients, make her an ideal manager. She motivates her co-workers and is highly valued as a dedicated member of the PeproTech Family. Kristy wants women in the life science field to know that they have the ability to make contributions and discoveries, that change lives.  

“It is an honor to be in a field where women can advance and be recognized for their knowledge and contributions.”


Sina, our Head of Sales for PeproTech Germany, is a respected member of the team. She values the culture of empathy, that PeproTech creates, and how employees and customers are treated as equal partners. She believes that there is an opportunity in every situation, and leads her team by example, with collaboration and teamwork. Her positive, upbeat, energetic personality motivates and inspires others to build strong relationships internally and externally. Sina wants to empower and support her peers, so that they can reach their full potential, and work together for a better tomorrow.    

“Believe in your strengths and be authentic!"


As a scientist in PeproTech’s Antibody Lab, Alesha has the opportunity to work in a field that she is very passionate about. Her curiosity and love of learning are nurtured at PeproTech, where she is able to work side-by-side some of the best professionals in the life sciences. Alesha is a valued member of the PeproTech Family and wants other aspiring female scientists to know that all of their dreams are possible!   

“I have been given the opportunity to work alongside some of the best professionals in the field whose dedication fuels my passion.”


Silvia takes great pride in working closely with our PeproGMP® product line, and in helping scientists and researchers achieve their goals. She combines her lively and energetic personality with her strong communication skills and knowledge to make meaningful, long lasting relationships with our customers. Silvia is passionate about the contributions made in the scientific field and to the well-being of others. She is analytical and thorough in her approach and her work, making her a valuable asset to the PeproTech Team. Silvia encourages aspiring female scientists not to underestimate themselves, and to have confidence in their ability and contributions.     

“Believe in yourself and inspire new generations."


Bridget takes pride in knowing that she is one of our highly valued Research Scientists. Her role in the lab gives her the opportunity to work alongside many other talented women within the PeproTech community, and the result is that being a woman in science simply feels very normal to her. PeproTech appreciates, and recognizes, Bridget’s rockstar work ethic and the many ways that she supports her colleagues, as well as our industry. Women like Bridget push us all forward!    

“Women and men are equally capable of scientific success. I'm glad that PeproTech sees it that way!"



PeproTech Diversity Scholarship

--The deadline for applying for the PeproTech Diversity Scholarship has passed and the applicants have been selected.--


August 26th is Women's Equality Day

As a continued celebration of Womens Equality Day, we are highlighting some of the women of PeproTech who have led us to where we are today. Meet some of these amazing women below.