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Executive Team

Executive Bios

Robert Goldman

Robert Goldman, President
Bob was born and raised in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, known for its famous founders and remarkable perseverance. It was his determination and entrepreneurial spirit that drove him to become one of PeproTech's founders—and help build this unique company from the ground up.

As a young man, Bob’s natural curiosity and talent for science led him to earn a BS in chemical engineering, then a Ph.D. and post-doc research in biochemistry—his first opportunity to work in the cutting-edge field of gene synthesis.

After a few years in the biotech industry, Bob and two friends decided to start their own company in 1988. Their vision: to create affordable cytokine products of the highest possible quality for the research market. PeproTech became a one-of-a-kind company run by scientists, for scientists, earning a reputation for products of unparalleled consistency and quality.

Bob wakes up every morning excited about biochemistry and its possibilities. He still loves designing genes and working in the lab, and makes time to mentor and support his staff.

Bob takes special pride in PeproTech's GMP line, knowing that scientists are using these products to advance the quality and longevity of human life around the world. A lifelong learner who never rests on his past accomplishments, he continues to learn, work, and grow along with the company he helped create.

When he's not in the lab or the office, Bob enjoys growing his own vegetables, herbs, and berries and sharpening his skills in the kitchen.

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Karen Pirog

Karen Pirog, Executive Director, Quality Assurance
Since 1996, Karen has worked tirelessly to make PeproTech’s products second to none. Her relentless drive, knack for process, and unwavering commitment to quality have helped build our global reputation for reliable products and world-class support.

In 1997, Karen became a manager of quality control, where she established our technical support department. Karen’s drive for premier quality as well as her organization and scientific expertise set the expectation from inception of the department that quality would then and always remain PeproTech’s focus.

Then, in 2004, she added the role of manager of special projects, coordinating our teams to develop, design, and produce our GMP line of products. Karen worked tirelessly to drive PeproTech’s quality to our PeproGMP® products which expanded not only our impact on health research, but also make PeproTech one of the pioneer companies to provide this level of support and product in life science research and the field of regenerative medicine. The success of this complex, demanding undertaking was most certainly fueled in part by Karen’s motto of, “don’t give up.” This highlights Karen’s commitment to the quality and growth of PeproTech and the advancement of human health.

Since 2013, Karen has been an integral member of PeproTech’s management team and leader of Quality Assurance. Her goal is and has always been to ensure that PeproTech stays one step ahead of the rigorous demands of cutting-edge science, so we can continue to help our customers advance human health and wellness.

Karen and her family love spending time in the Outer Banks, NC—but they also enjoy escaping to the tropical waters of the Caribbean. She and her family are avid adventurers, enjoying everything from biking and hiking to swimming and snorkeling. When she is not traveling or adventuring, she and her husband can be found on the sidelines of the many sporting events their children play.

Karen’s warm nature, commitment, and industrious attitude have made her an indispensable part of our team and a driving force behind the high quality products and support that customers around the world have come to expect from PeproTech.

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Jason Palmucci

Executive Director, GMP Manufacturing & Facilities
Jason is all about the details. For more than 20 years, he's been working behind the scenes at PeproTech to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing are met and exceeded—keeping a keen eye on every detail of our research and development, manufacturing processes, and equipment and product analysis.

After earning a BS in biology, Jason joined PeproTech in 2000, bringing his special talent for creative solutions to his work in process development, quality assurance, and technical service. Drawn to the complexities of manufacturing, Jason found his true calling in PeproTech's labs, where he loves having the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. He also values the “all for one” small-company vibe and the great people he works with every day. He believes that PeproTech allows everyone to be heard and to have their moment to shine, which helps keep the entire staff engaged and motivated.

Each new product means a unique set of new challenges to overcome. Luckily, Jason enjoys the complexities inherent in R&D and manufacturing, and takes pride in knowing that the products he works on will help countless people.

One of Jason’s crowning achievements was working on the team that launched PeproTech’s GMP line. Years of hard work yielded a breakthrough proof of concept for the first GMP product in 2015—and he's continued to help expand our GMP capabilities ever since, driven by the emerging possibilities in tissue engineering and gene therapy that are fueled by the GMP products he helped bring to market.

Jason’s contribution at PeproTech go beyond the lab: he serves on the management review board and a member of the management team steering the direction of the Company and providing leadership to the employees.

When it’s time to unwind, Jason loves both the tranquility of the Jersey shore and the fast-paced excitement of New York City. Finding harmony in the finer details of both life and work is a special quality, and one that makes Jason a valued member of the PeproTech team.

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