Executive Team



Andrea Devereux

Corporate Director

Andrea Devereux brings an uncommon combination of creativity, compassion, and sense of service to her role as corporate director.

Andi's late husband Stephen Finley was one of PeproTech’s founders, and she joined the team in 1991 when the company was an ambitious startup with a few employees. In those early days, Andi did anything she could to support the young company, from washing lab equipment to packing and shipping orders—then she helped establish a new London office in 1993.

After a seven-year hiatus to care for her daughter, Andi returned to the business in 2003 to serve as a manager and director, later taking on a variety of other roles. She now serves on the board of directors and the GMP Management Review Board as well as supporting the President and sitting on a number of PeproTech committees.

Andi finds joy in anything that requires her to put on her creativity cap. She contributes to marketing initiatives, plans company events, and is always trying to find new, authentic ways to support and show appreciation for our employees.

One memorable example of Andi’s creative streak came when she put company leaders in a dunk tank at our annual PeproCon event, thinking it would be an excellent way to quickly break down both professional and cultural barriers. It’s these kinds of lighthearted gestures that foster true connections between teams—one of the things Andi loves about her job.

The joy and satisfaction that Andi experiences in supporting employees can also be seen in her work outside of PeproTech with the Compass Rose Foundation.  Her passion for service and knack for bringing people together resulted in the formation of the foundation in 2017.  Its mission is to empower women through partnering with a wide range of organizations.  She takes pride in the work that the foundation does to support initiatives that help women to run for public office, fund women’s healthcare initiatives, facilitate stem education for minority girls, and support women coming out of the prison system.

Andi's compassion, creativity, and love for connection keeps her light shining brightly to guide our teams as PeproTech works to improve the health of people around the world.

Robert Goldman


Bob was born and raised in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, known for its famous founders and remarkable perseverance. It was his determination and entrepreneurial spirit that drove him to become one of PeproTech's founders—and help build this unique company from the ground up.

As a young man, Bob’s natural curiosity and talent for science led him to earn a BS in chemical engineering, then a Ph.D. and post-doc research in biochemistry—his first opportunity to work in the cutting-edge field of gene synthesis.

After a few years in the biotech industry, Bob and two friends decided to start their own company in 1988. Their vision: to create affordable cytokine products of the highest possible quality for the research market. PeproTech became a one-of-a-kind company run by scientists, for scientists, earning a reputation for products of unparalleled consistency and quality.

Bob wakes up every morning excited about biochemistry and its possibilities. His duties as President have left him with less time for hands-on work, but whenever possible, he loves designing genes and working in the lab, and still makes time to mentor and support his staff.

Bob takes special pride in PeproTech's GMP line, knowing that scientists are using these products to advance the quality and longevity of human life around the world. A lifelong learner who never rests on his past accomplishments, he continues to learn, work, and grow along with the company he helped create.

When he's not in the lab or the office, Bob enjoys growing his own vegetables, herbs, and berries and sharpening his skills in the kitchen. 

Jenean Kirby

Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Affairs & General Counsel

What’s a wave-riding, world-traveling lawyer and mother of four doing in the life sciences industry? She’s redefining what it means to make a meaningful impact at the C-level.

Meet Jenean, the Chief Operating Officer of Corporate Affairs and General Counsel at PeproTech. After earning her law degree and working with a large regional law firm for several years, she opened her own private law practice and took on an adjunct professorship at Rutgers Law School.

In 2017, Jenean joined PeproTech as a legal consultant and was immediately taken with our tightknit team, the aspirations of the organization, and the abundant possibilities of the life sciences. PeproTech recognized her obvious talent, passionate commitment and incredible potential; and made her General Counsel—the first in the company's history.

Over the years, as a result of Jenean’s ability to make connections and address issues and efficiencies, her role organically grew.  Now, in addition to supervising several teams and departments, Jenean spends her days connecting with our global subsidiaries, handling contract negotiations, and analyzing future market directions. A highly skilled leader with an extraordinary sense of team spirit, she's always willing to roll up her sleeves and help fulfill orders—ensuring that our customers receive our best service and support.

Jenean is especially excited about the future of PeproTech’s GMP line and the potential it has to make an impact on the world. She takes pride in the fact that we make these important products from start to finish, ensuring their quality at every step of their creation.

But even with her busy schedule, she still makes time for what matters most: helping people. For example, she spearheaded the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and has helped launch a scholarship program for self-identified minorities.  Her team continually promotes the importance of diversity in the life sciences on behalf of the company.

When she's not in the office, Jenean can usually be found outdoors—skydiving, wakeboarding, shooting hoops with her children, or traveling with her family. Her mantra is “living is the only thing worth dying for,” and she truly takes advantage of all the world has to offer. From surfing in Hawaii to experiencing new places and cultures with her family, Jenean is committed to growing into a more enlightened global citizen each and every day.

Bob Palladino

Chief Financial Officer

Bob brings more than 35 years of global strategic and operating experience across multiple disciplines in the tech and life science industries to his role as CFO at PeproTech. Since joining the company in 2019, he's helped our leadership team set their sights on new horizons and continuing expansion.

A lifelong resident of the Boston area, Bob earned an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship and then began his career with Bank Boston (now Bank of America) in international capital markets. After other roles in corporate banking, he found his way into the tech industry—but it was the life sciences where he found his true calling.

For more than a decade, he applied his broad skill set at a variety of companies specializing in areas from cytokines and peptides to patient data and biotech. That extensive experience—as both an investor and a CFO—made him the perfect match for PeproTech.

Bob was brought on to reimagine PeproTech’s business practices to support its dynamic pace of expansion. He's already made a big impact on the company, uncovering huge potential for steady growth by identifying new efficiencies and centralizing international functions.

When he’s not crunching numbers, Bob stays active by golfing and being outdoors as much as possible. He also enjoys investing as a hobby, attending concerts, and vacationing abroad.

Jason Palmucci

Executive Director, GMP Manufacturing & Facilities

Jason is all about the details. For more than 20 years, he's been working behind the scenes at PeproTech to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing are met and exceeded—keeping a keen eye on every detail of our research and development, manufacturing processes, and equipment and product analysis.

After earning a BS in biology, Jason joined PeproTech in 2000, bringing his special talent for creative solutions to his work in process development, quality assurance, and technical service.

Drawn to the complexities of manufacturing, Jason found his true calling in PeproTech's labs, where he loves having the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. He also values the “all for one” small-company vibe and the great people he works with every day. He believes that PeproTech allows everyone to be heard and to have their moment to shine, which helps keep the entire staff engaged and motivated.

Each new product means a unique set of new challenges to overcome. Luckily, Jason enjoys the complexities inherent in R&D and manufacturing, and takes pride in knowing that the products he works on will help countless people.

One of Jason’s crowning achievements was working on the team that launched PeproTech’s GMP line. Years of hard work yielded a breakthrough proof of concept for the first GMP product in 2015—and he's continued to help expand our GMP capabilities ever since, driven by the emerging possibilities in tissue engineering and gene therapy that are fueled by the GMP products he helped bring to market.

Jason’s contribution at PeproTech go beyond the lab, as an Executive Director, he serves on the management review board and a member of the management team steering the direction of the Company and providing leadership to the employees.

When it’s time to unwind, Jason loves both the tranquility of the Jersey shore and the fast-paced excitement of New York City. Finding harmony in the finer details of both life and work is a special quality, and one that makes Jason a valued member of the PeproTech team.

Karen Pirog

Executive Director, Quality Assurance

Since 1996, Karen has worked tirelessly to make PeproTech’s products second to none. Her relentless drive, knack for process, and unwavering commitment to quality have helped build our global reputation for reliable products and world-class support.

In 1997, Karen became a manager of quality control, where she established our technical support department.  Karen’s drive for premier quality as well as her organization and scientific expertise set the expectation from inception of the department that quality would then and always remain PeproTech’s focus.

Then, in 2004, she added the role of manager of special projects, coordinating our teams to develop, design, and produce our GMP line of products. Karen worked tirelessly to drive PeproTech’s quality to our PeproGMP® products which expanded not only our impact on health research, but also make PeproTech one of the pioneer companies to provide this level of support and product in life science research and the field of regenerative medicine.  The success of this complex, demanding undertaking was most certainly fueled in part by Karen’s motto of, “don’t give up.”  This highlights Karen’s commitment to the quality and growth of PeproTech and the advancement of human health.

Since 2013, Karen has been an integral member of PeproTech’s management team and a Director of Quality Assurance. Her goal is and has always been to ensure that PeproTech stays one step ahead of the rigorous demands of cutting-edge science, so we can continue to help our customers advance human health and wellness.

Karen and her family love spending time in the Outer Banks, NC—but they also enjoy escaping to the tropical waters of the Caribbean. She and her family are avid adventurers, enjoying everything from biking and hiking to swimming and snorkeling. When she is not traveling or adventuring, she and her husband can be found on the sidelines of the many sporting events their children play.

Karen’s warm nature, commitment, and industrious attitude have made her an indispensable part of our team and a driving force behind the high quality products and support that customers around the world have come to expect from PeproTech.

Anna Seymour

Vice-President of European Operations & Global Marketing

Anna is a spirited woman with a gift for cultivating meaningful connections. She believes that people always come first and that face-to-face communication is the most powerful way to engage with others.  One of the things that colleagues experience about Anna and quickly admire is that she is a woman of integrity -- she understands the value of getting it right, rather than being right.

Born in the UK and raised in several other countries, she studied the local languages so she could connect better with the people around her—a skill that has served her well to this day.

After earning her degree in German and History, in 1993 Anna started the global expansion of PeproTech with the opening of the European Headquarters in London.  As VP of European Operations, Anna built our European business infrastructure and client base. That work would become the blueprint for PeproTech's marketing direction, branding, core values, training, and sales strategy across the company.

She went on to establish PeproTech operations in Paris in 2005 and Hamburg in 2006, and played a role in expanding our global reach to include Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Anna is a respected leader on our management team and continues to lead and impact the company across the globe- not limited to the European entities.

Anna feels privileged to work with so many different people from all walks of life, across languages, cultures, and demographics. She’s grateful for her journey at PeproTech—from the challenges she’s overcome to the successes she’s achieved. She served as part of the team that drove the company to expand our products and focus to include and grow our PeproGMP® range. And she’s proud to be part of a company that contributes directly to the advancement of human health, creating the potential for countless exciting therapeutic advancements moving us closer to personalized medicine.

As a mother, she’s determined to raise good citizens of the future, ensuring that her children experience the world with a sense of grace, responsibility, generosity, and curiosity. Anna and her family regularly travel to help the less fortunate through social programs, particularly in Africa.  All elements of Anna’s family life contribute to her lifelong pursuit of personal growth, integrity, and a stronger connection to humankind.

Dan Stabinsky

Vice-President of Lab Operations

Born in Israel into a family of chemists, Dan was involved in the sciences from an early age, seeing it as a way to advance and improve human health.

His late father, Yitzhak Stabinsky, Ph.D., was one of PeproTech's founders. So after earning BA and MS degrees in chemistry, in 1993, Dan worked in Israel, where he enhanced his hands-on experience as a protein chemist and honed his management skills.

In late 2007, PeproTech opened its West Coast facility in southern California and Dan and his family relocated to establish and open the California lab. The new lab became the PeproTech hub for animal component-free manufacturing and Dan was put in charge of overseeing its continued growth.

His duties include developing new and novel products, managing the facilities, and mentoring his employees to ensure exceptional quality from start to finish. Dan and his team take pride in the world-class products and support they provide to the scientific community as they study elusive diseases and make breakthrough discoveries in human health.

Knowing he’s part of something that is making a real difference is what gets Dan out of bed in the morning. He’s excited about the advancements in regenerative medicine and the effect they’ll have on prolonging the well-being of people globally.

Dan and his family are seasoned world travelers, having been to 99 countries and counting. He’s grateful to be able to experience new cultures and their art, history, food, and their people. Dan believes that each new adventure leaves an indelible mark on himself and his family, deepening their understanding of what makes the world such a rich and special place to live and work.