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Resources & Support

Choosing a Product Line

Offering multiple product lines to suit your research needs. 


RUO (Research Use Only) Cytokines 

Standard research grade recombinant proteins of a high-quality and purity to support your research.

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Animal-Free Cytokines

An alternative for when you are concerned about experimental variability as well as biological hazards that might be acquired from animal-derived components used in the manufacturing of RUO Cytokines. The endotoxin level of this line of products is guaranteed to be less than 0.01 ng/μg of protein, or 0.1 EU/μg.

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GMP Cytokines

Produced in compliance with the relevant Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), these cytokines are designed for cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue-engineered products for clinical applications, or when this grade of reagents is required by the regulatory authorities.

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