Create an order quickly by using one of two Quick Order methods:

1. Entering a Catalogue Number:

If you have a list of catalogue numbers you would like to manually enter, click on the 'Enter Catalogue Number' icon to begin your quick order. You may enter size-specific catalogue numbers (eg. Cat# 200-02-100ug) or non-size-specific catalogue numbers (eg. Cat# 200-02). If entering catalogue numbers without a size, you will need to select your desired size from the drop-down menu. Adjust quantities as needed. At any time during this process you may click on “Create a CSV” to create a CSV file with the products you have entered on your Quick Order form. Once you are finished entering all of your catalogue numbers on the Quick Order form, click the 'Checkout' button to complete your order. 

2. Uploading a CSV:

If you would like to upload a CSV file of your products, click on the 'Upload CSV' icon to navigate to the file on your computer. Your CSV file should include three column headers: CatNum, Size, Quantity. The items on your CSV file will populate on the Quick Order form below. Click the 'Checkout' button to complete your order.

To download the CSV template, click the button below.