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See what our customers are saying about our quality products and continued support:

I have always loved PeproTech's presentation of your products because they are easy to use.

Luis D.
La Jolla, CA, USA
I have been using PeproTech products, including human SCF, IL3, IL6, IL13, and other cytokines for many years. I am routinely ordered large amount of those cytokines to grow variety of human cell lines. PeproTech makes high quality products.

Ming W.
Chicago, IL, USA
We always buy our signaling ligands from PeproTech because of their high quality and ease of use! 

Rizwan S.
Philadelphia, PA, USA
I have been using PeproTech Products from past 4 years and I love it as they are very specific, and I always got good results.

Vivek B.
Boston, MA, USA
We trust your products and the quality is always above standards.

Shannon M.
Montreal, QC, Canada
 Why I like PeproTech? I love PeproTech, because it never let my experiments failed!

Kadir O.
Cambridge, MA, USA

Product Reviews

We exclusively use Peprotech's recombinant proteins (human and murine). They have always performed well in our experiments and we have not had any issues yet.
K. Oliff
Gainsville, FL
我们经常使用 Peprotech 细胞因子,该品牌产品质量稳定,性价比高,到货速度较快,总体感觉不错。

We often use Peprotech cytokines, the brand's products are of stable quality, cost-effective, fast delivery, and the overall feeling is good.
Mr. Huang
Capital Medical University

(Murine GM-CSF; Catalog# 315-03 and Murine IL-4; Catalog# 214-14)
PeproTech 是世界知名的细胞因子生产厂家,身边人都在用该品牌的细胞因子,其生物活性好,纯度高,有效性高,产品质量有保证,助力科研发展,是科研人员的第一选择。

PeproTech is a world-renowned manufacturer of cytokines, and everyone around them is using this brand of cytokines, which have good biological activity, high purity, high effectiveness, guaranteed product quality, and help scientific research development. first choice.
Mr. He
Zhejiang University

(Human TGF-β3 and Human BMP-7; Catalog# 120-03P)
We use this recombinant TNFa in one of our assays and it has performed extremely well/consistent over the years. I would definitely recommend this product to people who are interested.
D. Jiang
Cambridge, MA
(Human TNF-alpha; Catalog# 300-01A)
We have been using this product for 2 yrs for Bone marrow derived dendritic cell experiments and I never disappointed with the results. I highly recommend this product to our collaborators.
C. Pundkar
Auburn, AL
(Murine GM-CSF; Catalog# 315-03)
My lung organoids grow well consistently even after passaging it couple of times and there were no  contamination issues.
E.J. Kim
Aurora, CO
(Human R-Spondin-1; Catalog# 120-38)
My lab has been using this product for many years and it always works perfectly. We once purchased it from a different manufacturer due to a relative lower price. However, we found that we must increase the dose if the Activin A is not from Peprotech. As such, the cost went up as we had to use higher dose to make it work. Hence, we learnt that Activin A’s purity and quality from Peprotech is superior.
S. Jin
Vestal, NY
(Human/Murine/Rat Activin A (Insect derived); Catalog# 120-14)
As a huge lab at UCLA, we have been using Peprotech products consistently, this has been a long history of buying hSCF, and the quality has been consistent this whole time.
M. Ruiz
Los Angeles, CA
(Human SCF; Catalog# 300-07)