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PeproTech's publications are intended to provide updated information about our products, and to review current trends in life science research.  Any of the full publications below can be viewed by downloading the PDF, requesting a hard copy to be mailed to you, and/or by clicking the "Read More" link where applicable.

In order to request a hard copy of a publication:

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Cytokine Index 5th Edition

Cytokine Index 5th Edition

Our Cytokine Index contains encyclopedic coverage of more than 350 cytokines!
Picture of £ 2021 Price List

£ 2021 Price List

PeproTech’s Price List offers our customers a comprehensive resource for the pricing of our products, as well as some supplemental product information.
Picture of 2021-2022 Catalogue

2021-2022 Catalogue

PeproTech's Catalogue contains all of the current PeproTech Products and Technical Information.
Picture of GMP Brochure

GMP Brochure

PeproTech's GMP Brochure includes a comprehensive list of our PeproGMP® Cytokines, our quality process and FAQ.
Picture of Animal-Free Brochure

Animal-Free Brochure

PeproTech's Animal-Free Brochure includes a comprehensive list of our Animal-Free Product line which includes Animal-Free Cytokines, Animal-Free Cytokine Packages, Animal-Free Cell Culture Derived Cytokines, and Animal-Free Cell Culture Media Products.
Picture of Antibody and ELISA Resource Guide

Antibody and ELISA Resource Guide

PeproTech's Antibody & ELISA Resource Guide includes a comprehensive list of our Monoclonal, Polyclonal and Biotinylated Antibody Products as well as our ABTS and TMB ELISA Development Kits, and corresponding ELISA Buffer Kits.
Picture of Immune Checkpoints Brochure

Immune Checkpoints Brochure

PeproTech's Immune Checkpoints Brochure contains a wide range of reagents that facilitate the study of co-stimulatory and immune checkpoint pathways and the effect of modulating these pathways, in various experimental systems.
Picture of Organoids-Mini Organs in a Dish Brochure

Organoids-Mini Organs in a Dish Brochure

PeproTech's Organoids Brochure contains a list of PeproTech and BioGems products relevant to Organoid research, as well as descriptions of various organoid models.
Picture of Organoids Pamphlet

Organoids Pamphlet

PeproTech's tri-fold pamphlet on Organoids includes an easy-to-read table of relevant PeproTech products for each organoid model.
Picture of PeproGrow™ Endothelial Brochure

PeproGrow™ Endothelial Brochure

PeproTech’s PeproGrow™ Endothelial Brochure offers our customers a complete resource for information and testing performed with our EPC, MacroV, and MicroV media products.
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